Cross Country

Monroe Parker Invitational

Glory Days Grill Invitational

All-Time Burke Lake Cross Country Course Times

Concorde District (6A Conference 5) Records (AAA-1994-2012; 6A- 2013- present)

Gunston District (AAA (1973-93) & 6A (2017- present) Records

Liberty District (6A Conference 6) Records (AAA-1994-2012; 6A- 2013-present)

Patriot District (6A Conference 7) Records (1994- present)

Cedar Run District (6A Conference 8) Records (6A- 2013-present)

National District/ 5A Capitol Conference 13) Records (AAA- 1994-2012; 5A- 2013- present)

Northern Region Cross Country Championship Records

Kinney/Footlocker Southern Regional & National Records

Great Falls District Records (AAA- 1973-94)

Northern District Records (AAA- 1973-94)

Potomac District Records (AAA- 1975-94)

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